Friends Together
A Grief Support Group  

Our Purpose: 

 Friends Together
is a non-denominational gathering of Widows & Widowers, who are adjusting to a life without their partners.  Meeting in a casual comfortable setting, this mutuality of loss provides the opportunity for open discussion and a shared experience of the grieving process.  The group's design does not offer advice or suggestion, rather it allows freedom of expression without judgement, guilt, or challenge.
 This is not formal counseling nor therapy.  Rather, it is a learning and supportive experience imparted through the knowledge and understanding of others.   All "Friends" are  themselves responding to the death of a loving companion.   While mourning is a unique and deeply personal process, emotional progress is possible through shared conversations and a common understanding.
With the help of a gracious facilitator, Linda Bowden, and a calm environment, there is an easy comfort in acknowledging your grief and your abruptly changed life and future. Four meetings are scheduled each month: In general there are (2) on Wednesdays and (2) on Saturdays.  Occasionally holidays interfere and changes occur but there are always four meetings available each month.   

For those interested, it's common for a member to volunteer and host a lunch after meetings conclude or to organize a monthly dinner, independent of "Friends Together."    An annual picnic takes place in the same manner.  It draws friends, family members, and former members.  A calendar of the meetings  is shown on a later page - for convenience, it includes such volunteer events, as well.

"Friends" social events are organized for  active members who currently attend meetings or are past members who maintain a connection.  Events are not open to the general public.
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